• Noah Mease, Props Designer

    Assistant Props Master for Hadestown at New York Theatre Workshop

    Props Off-Broadway – here I come! I’m excited to be heading back to NY in a few weeks to...

  • New play for 4M 3F coming soon!

    Dead Man’s Wake, a new play for 4M 3F by Larry Klein, will soon be available for preview and...

  • Smile Again, Jenny LeeYesterday I was on the set shooting a couple scenes and doing some voiceover for the feature film Smile Again, Jenny Lee, Carlo Caldana’s third feature film. I play Martha, a nurse. It turned out to be a VERY chilly day with almost constant wind. At times my face was so cold it was hard to get the words out clearly. We were filming in the Presidio in San Francisco. In my short sleeve nurse scrubs, my goosebumps were getting goosebumps! But what a terrific crew and team! I’m looking forward to the screening.

    And I’ll let you know when the film is released and where.

  • Dead Man's Wake ensemble

    Marin director with playwright, cast and stage manager of Dead Man’s Wake

    Last night was the staged reading of the new play Dead Man’s Wake by Larry Klein. We played to a full house and had a reception with discussion following. In the photo: (back row L to R) playwright Larry Klein, Jim Jones (Tom), director/dramaturg Becky Parker Geist (yep, moi), Lucette Fleming (Janet), Devin O’Brien (Brian), stage manager Bill Lane; (seated L to R) Gabriel Ross (Jess), Terry Boero (Leah), Chuck Isen (Danny), Wendy Wyatt-Mair (Andrea).

    I love working on new plays, engaging in the process of creation and development! It is one of the ways in which I can help creators be heard – and THAT – helping others be heard, is part of my calling in this life. I figured that out recently. 🙂

    Back to Dead Man’s Wake: I love how complex and developed these characters are! I look forward to finding the producers who will bring it to full production.


  • Dead Man's Wake rehearsal

    Playwright Larry Klein works with actor Devin O’Brien on a line from Dead Man’s Wake in rehearsal

    I’ve been having a LOT of fun working as a dramaturg and now as director for the new play Dead Man’s Wake by Larry Klein. Tonight is the staged reading and there are still a few seats left, but not many – we’ll be playing to a full house for this well-deserving play. I’ve been working with Larry for about a year on the script and then we decided it was time to bring in some actors to bring it to the next level and make more discoveries. We’ve been in rehearsal with Terry Boero (Leah), Gabriel Ross (Jess), Chuck Isen (Danny), Devin O’Brien (Brian), Wendy Wyatt-Mair (Andrea), Jim Jones (Tom), and Lucette Fleming (Janet). What a fantastic process and experience!

    I took a different approach than the typical sit in front of a music stand and read  approach, and we actually blocked out and staged the play. By doing so we learned a LOT more. We even added in some props, lights and sound. Then, to allow the actors to focus in on the emotional content of the play and the relationships, we pulled back on the movement to take it to yet another level. Some of the blocking we are keeping in place where it helps even with scripts in hand.

    With each rehearsal I find myself laughing so hard I have tears running down my cheeks and crying with the depth of the pain as the characters come alive in front of me, bringing me with them on their internal journeys. This is a GREAT play! I look forward to finding the producers who will bring it to full production.

    More details about the reading HERE.