Hook House and Other Horrors by Sherry Decker

Hook House and Other Horrors by Sherry Decker
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Hook House and Other Horrors audiobook - now available on Audible and iTunes. If you own Hook House, it owns your soul. And that's only the beginning... Narrated by Becky Parker with sound effects.

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Written by: Sherry Decker

Narrated by: Becky Parker

Length: 7 hrs and 30 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

If you own Hook House, it owns your soul. On the rugged Washington coast stands an ancient house with a macabre history. Housekeeper, Mrs. Soule never ages, but fades in and out of shadows and appears in mirrors when she’s not there. The stairwells, the storeroom, a third floor bedroom, all reveal murder and suicide for those with The Gift…the ability to see ghosts. Entering the grand door of Hook House is easy…leaving it is deadly.

Deliciously scary!
“If you like getting subtly unsettled, if you enjoy being kindly
disquieted, this is the book for you. The themes, the atmospheres
and the narrative style are clearly feminine and downright
American, both features adding further charm to the writer’s narrative
style. In short, to repeat the customary phrase that Decker
is “a writer to watch” would be unfair. She’s simply a writer “to
read”. [or listen to]
—Mario Guslandi

2 reviews for Hook House and Other Horrors by Sherry Decker

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    “Decker’s prose is very alluring, not flashy, but solid and clever.
    She has a great way with an opening sentence or paragraph, snagging
    the reader instantly. She doesn’t accomplish this by offering
    some extravagant act, but rather by subtle evocation of place or
    —Paul Di Filippo-Asimov’s

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    “Decker has written a set of just-might-be tales for the twisted
    mind. Her stories are focused in the body and the landscape. She
    creates a dark world where bodies transform and the landscape
    has claws. The details in the writing shimmer with such clarity,
    you’re unsure when you’ve crossed the line into imagination. It’s
    all there in Hook House—good writing, good stories. Watch out
    for the kitchen knife and do lock your doors.”
    —Jack Remick, author of Blood.

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